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Melrose Estate’s Most Exclusive Birthday Bash Venue


Our exquisite venue is the ultimate setting for a birthday party.

Celebrating Life Together


Melrose Estate birthday venue centrally located in the heart of Melrose Estate, our venue is the perfect setting for a big birthday bash. The venue is completely adaptable according to your requirements and can be glammed up for a grand celebration or dressed down for a more low-key, but just as memorable occasion.

  • Plentiful space for up to 150 people

  • Ample Parking

  • Ground floor access


Our black and white marble tiled floor and octagonal skylight set the scene for a magical affair. The central floor can be set up to dance the night away or act as the perfect area for a mouth-watering buffet. The options are limitless. Our professional team of coordinators takes great pleasure in ensuring that your celebration is everything you want it to be and more.

All birthdays are special, but some are more special than others. These are the milestone birthdays that make you feel the passage of time, and are worthy of out-of-this world celebrations to honour life.

Exhilarating Milestone Birthdays


Exciting Venues

Whether you choose a glitzy indoor celebration or an evening beneath the stars in our landscaped gardens, our venue is the perfect setting for your big birthday bash, accommodating up to 150 people and adapting to your every request. 



Tailored Menus

We take great care to advise on the finest spreads & refreshments for your special occasion. We design custom menus with specialty ingredients that fit your specific needs, and expertly match your chosen cuisine with excellent wines, personalised cocktails & beverages.



We liaise with and brief all service providers, supplying you with various options for everything from the decor and flowers to sound, lighting and entertainment. We take pleasure in assisting with every aspect of your celebration, down to the finest details.


All the Extras

We offer advice regarding preferred vendors and suppliers, assisting you with hiring only the best photographers, make-up artists, hair stylists, transport and more.

Event Planning Giving You Nightmares?

Use Our Custom Event Builder To Create Your Dream Event


Event and Venue Coordination paired with big day jitters are enough to keep anyone awake at night. Perhaps the novelty has worn off, and the task ahead of you has become daunting instead of exciting. The date you wanted is unavailable, your options for food and decor are limited and you are not getting the service you expected. Your event coordinator is unavailable and you feel less than a priority.

If “yes” comes to mind for any of the above, then we have good news!

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